“White Anger” and Black Friends–What’s the Price?

Irma McClaurin

Irma McClaurin.  Originally published in Medium. Jun 5 · 2 min read
Image by Munshots on Unsplash

Yesterday, I received an email in which a senior white man administrator at a major university wrote me that he was “afraid.”

I had to respond -“what do you, as a white man, have to fear?” He responded with an apology that he was afraid for people he loved — but I was not seeing any #Blackpeople or nonwhite people in his immediate #rolodexofinequality.

So #whitepeople, STOP IT. STOP making this moment of #blackrage & #blackuprising about you — your feelings, your fears, your guilt, your sudden devotion to #BlackLivesMatter, your desire for Black approval that you marched, signed a petition, told your racist family member or colleague to go to hell after decades of tolerating racist remarks, jokes, and exclusionary behavior from them — making you a co-conspirator in their #whitesupremacist misbehavior.

Just STOP saturating the airways, social media, radio, newspapers, even outlets like @Medium with your sudden white racial enlightenment, unless you are among those few #woke white people who have been pimping anti-racism for years and profiting off of #blackpain.

Why has the book #whitefragility sold out and is being promoted on popular late night television shows, while books by #blackwriters barely make a profit?

Can you Just STOP being white for a hot minute?

Stop writing, stop speaking, stop centering your whiteness once again in the midst of our #blackpain.

For once, just shut the fu*k up and LISTEN!

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