Research, Audits & Evaluations

Research-based action plans

Research Audits and Evaluations

Research Audits and Evaluations

Whatever the issue (diversity, equity policies, sexual harassment, culture change, crisis managed, disaster recovery, re-accreditation), I can provide you with a research-based action plan to navigate a successful path forward. A few examples of the work I have completed include: diversity audits, program evaluations, gender policy research, and community engagement.

Trained as a qualitative researcher, I skilled in the design of interview protocols, surveys, observational strategies, content analysis, etc., in order to provide you with data and the information required to solve a problem, start or complete a project, write a grant, or evaluate a program. I have experience with reporting guidelines and evaluation design for most federal and foundation grants.

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Irma provided energy and vision for the newly formed urban research and outreach center, and helped to address community concerns on behalf of the university of Minnesota. The center is now a tangible sign of the university’s interest in connecting with community issues.

Kathie Doty
Owner, KLD Consulting

Irma McClaurin successfully navigated the University of MN and the Northside of Minneapolis, simultaneously!!, to create UROC when sane folk thought it couldn’t be done and crazies thought it shouldn’t. UROC is the first ever meaningful, positive University presence in that community. It is hard to imagine an assignment too big, difficult or complex for Irma.
I am a fan.

Fred Easter, Educational Management and Fundraising Specialist; former President and CEO of The City, Inc., an alternative school in North Minneapolis

Fred Easter
Educational Management and Fundraising Specialist,