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Executive Coach – Coaching is for you!

REInvention Coaching or P.E.R.F.O.R.M Coaching is for you. Let me guide you through a process of self-reflection, questioning, and finding answers that will yield a more resilient life.

Executive Coach – Transformational Leadership

I coach individuals on how to be their best selves at work and in their life; through my coaching, we identify those areas in need of improvement, analyze your EI (emotional intelligence); assess your leadership skills; to an audit of your work environment; and the co-create a plan for success with me as your accountability partner. I provide REInvention Coaching (for those who are navigating career and/or life changes); Transformational Leadership (for those who want to learn how to become transformational); and P.E.R.F.O.R.M for those (specifically for women of color and other non-conforming people) who face unique obstacles in the workplace that stymie their ability to grow professionally and realize their true potential.

Other Services
Speaker and Facilitator
Diversity Strategist
Writer and Editor
Leadership Consultant and Guru
Research, Audits & Evaluations
Immigration Asylum Expert Witness

Executive Coaching

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I had the privilege of participating in several coaching sessions with Dr. Irma, which were invaluable to me on my leadership journey. Dr. Irma’s depth of expertise in such a broad array of topics – executive leadership; independent consulting; academia; diversity, equity and inclusion – truly set her apart from other coaches that I have engaged with. She was not only able to provide me with sound advice and guidance toward my goals, but she also gave very concrete suggestions, connections, and next steps that I could move forward with immediately after our calls. I would highly recommend her coaching services to anyone, but especially to professionals who appreciate the returns from direct access to genius leadership. Lastly, Irma made me realize that I didn’t see myself accurately. Though she wasn’t the first to point this out, she was the first to challenge me to think why this was. Irma coached me through a job change that brought me back from overseas to the US and though this transition came with challenges, I faced them confidently.

Jamie Jenkins

Irma is intelligent, sharp, strategic, and brings with her a wealth of varied lived experiences. Having said all this, she always felt like an aunt with invisible guiding hands.

Elaine Acacio