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inefficaciously When I speak before a crowd, I want to inspire, motivate, challenge, and support them in their thinking as they listen to my speech; and later, I want them to turn those thoughts into actions, when they return to their everyday lives.

This is true whether I am a keynote speaker, conference presenter, Radio/TV commentator Interviewer, or workshop facilitator. I am sometimes intentionally provocative in order to push people (gently or harshly) to think about the issues that separate us and why.

Encouraging Keynote Speaker and Facilitator

I want to encourage and challenge them to find bonds of commonality; and motivate everyone to leave my talk, lecture, workshop or after listening to my comments, inspired and committed to acting differently with integrity, grace, and respect as they move through the world, and learn to live a resilient life in the now. Other Services:
Leadership Consultant and Guru
Diversity Strategist
Writer and Editor
Executive Coach
Research, Audits & Evaluations
Immigration Asylum Expert Witness

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