Diversity Strategist

Diversity Strategist

buy Lyrica dubai Just because we believe “Diversity Matters” doesn’t mean integrating Diversity, Equity and Inclusiveness (and Intersectionality) into an organizational structure will be easy. Whatever your needs, wherever you want your diversity journey to lead you, I can get you there.

Bāghpat My approach is rooted in my background and skills as an anthropologist; I collect data through diversity audits to pin point the challenge areas and opportunities. Don’t know where to begin? I can, help you map out a work plan, assess in-house DEI expertise, provide a SWOT Analysis, and identify the gaps that may prevent you from achieving your DEI goals. Working to make DEI integral is no joke.

Diversity Strategist – DEI

It is not a dashboard, a power point presentation, or a check off list. Getting buy-in to DEI doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process that is ongoing. And anyone who says “I get it” after one workshop or reading a series of articles is fooling you and themselves.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusiveness and Understanding Intersectionality must become part of the institutional CORE Values to succeed. I understand what changes are required in structures, staffing, and leadership to make Diversity, Equity & Inclusion a successful CORE Value in any organization.

I am experienced in writing diversity strategic plans, vision statements, anti-oppression frameworks, policy position papers, training videos, training scripts, and coaching managers and senior executives on how to lead across lines of difference.

My background includes serving as the Chief Diversity Officer at Teach For America, with responsibilities for the design of a unifying enterprise level Diversity Strategic Plan (for 2500 staff, 50,000 alum, and 13,000 Core members).

Other Services:
Speaker and Facilitator
Leadership Consultant and Guru
Writer and Editor
Executive Coach
Research, Audits & Evaluations
Immigration Asylum Expert Witness

Other relevant experience include establishing from the ground up the first community-based University of Minnesota Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center (UROC: www.uroc.umn.edu ). In the face of enormous community opposition, we completed a 21,000sf building renovation and a five-year strategic plan (with strong community involvement) in 15 months. I also co-authored a successful $2.8M ARRA grant for Broadband Access and persuaded UMN to contribute $770,000 towards the project.

I also oversaw the development and completion of the American Anthropological Association’s first public education museum exhibit, RACE: Are We So Different? (www.understandingrace.org) while working as the Program Officer for Education and Scholarship at the Ford Foundation.

And most recently I designed the special programming (http://naturalsciences.org/exhibits/featured-exhibitions/race/special-programming ) when the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences hosted the RACE exhibition April-October 2017.

Other types of deliverables include: writing diversity strategic plans, vision statements, anti-oppression frameworks, policy position papers, DEI workshops, DEI training videos and scripts, and “LEAD Different” coaching for managers and senior executives on how to manage across lines of difference.

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What I’ve long admired about Irma McClaurin is that she knows how to ask the right questions, advocate for solutions of benefit to the greater good, and get results. She’s a doer. She sees a problem, burrows in on problem-solving, and – with research, sensitivity, and creativity – she develops viable solutions. Irma McClaurin gets the job done!

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