Immigration Asylum Expert Witness

Immigration Asylum Expert Witness

order disulfiram over the counter “The judge agreed Immigration Asylum Expert Witnesswith your testimony, and my client was released the next day.” That comment from the attorney makes all the hard work worthwhile. Asylum cases are one aspect of the immigration crisis we now face that are often overlooked. For over two decades, I have written expert declarations aimed at getting people asylum status to remain in the United States. Often these are people who if they returned home would be subjected to enormous violence or death.

Immigration Asylum Expert Witness – Declarations

Selma Declarations are synthesis of vast amounts of information that must be written in an accessible form for judges and other non-experts. You hold someone’s future in what you write. I have successfully completed written declarations and telephone testimonies on women and gender violence; cultural responses to and resources for abused women; ethnic violence against Garifuna women; cultural responses to LGBTQ people; cultural attitudes towards and treatment of the elderly, especially women; mental health resources; cultural responses to elderly women with mental health problems; and cultural responses to drug users with mental health problems. My geographical area is Belize, Surinam, and Central American in general. Past clients include: Immigrant Defenders Law Center, The Legal Aid Society; Hogan Lovells US LLP; Brooklyn Defender Services; New York Immigrant Family Unity Project; and The Legal Aid Society/Immigration Law Unit.

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