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Keynote Speaker Minnesota –  Dr. Irma McClaurin is an Activist Anthropologist, Asylum expert witness, Award-winning Author, Black Feminist, Black feminist speaker, Diversity Audits and conflicts, Diversity champion and consultant, Executive Coach, Free-lance Writer and Editor, Immigration Asylum Expert Witness, Keynote Speaker Entrepreneurship, Keynote Speaker On Leadership, Keynote Speaker Reviews, Leadership consultant and guru, Leadership resilience trainer, Leadership  Development, Outplacement consultant, Professor of anthropology and literature, Researcher and Evaluator, & Social justice poet, Writing coach.

I aim to inspire! When I speak before a crowd, I want to inspire, motivate, challenge, and support them in their thinking as they listen to my speech; and later, I want them to turn those thoughts into actions, when they return to their everyday lives. This is true whether I am a keynote speaker, conference presenter, Radio/TV commentator Interviewer, or workshop facilitator. I am sometimes intentionally provocative in order to push people (gently or harshly) to think about the issues that separate us and why.

I want to encourage and challenge them to find bonds of commonality; and motivate everyone to leave my talk, lecture, workshop or after listening to my comments, inspired and committed to acting differently with integrity, grace, and respect as they move through the world, and learn to live a resilient life in the now.

Keynote Speaker Minnesota – Leadership Consultant & Guru

The buck stops here! I work with organizations, leaders, and staff on how to get unstuck and become brave enough to make hard decisions and overcome the challenges that occur with organizational change; developing and implementing strategies on how to make DEI (diversity, equity and inclusiveness) part of the organizational fabric; fostering a culturally-competent work environment; and successfully introducing leadership transitions and succession.

My approach to consulting is rooted in creative, design thinking. I become my client’s thought partner. We brainstorm strategies that will lead the organization to develop a successful plan of action. Throughout the process, I serve as a coach and sounding board to leadership and also staff.

Like a guru, I serve as a guide to support leaders successfully navigate their roles, drawing upon my extensive experience as a leader; I can provide concrete examples of how I resolved challenges or created opportunities for change. I encourage my leader clients to accept the authority of their leadership, to build teams, and learn how to inspire staff involvement on their journey to becoming more resilient and transformational leaders capable of leading across lines of difference.

My methodology as a consultant draws upon my skills as an anthropologist and researcher. I review existing policies, value statements, and publications. I visit the site to observe the environment, cultural dynamics, and human interactions. I interview representatives of people at every level—sometimes including the janitorial staff in order to understand the organizational culture. I ask hard questions about inclusiveness, commitment to equity, diversity breeches, the presence of micro-aggressive behavior, unconscious bias, gender bias, and sanctions for those who violate core values. The data derived from this process informs my development of an action plan or set of recommendations and strategies to resolve issues.

Keynote Speaker Minnesota – Diversity Strategist

Keynote Speaker MinnesotaJust because we believe “Diversity Matters” doesn’t mean integrating Diversity, Equity and Inclusiveness (and Intersectionality) into an organizational structure will be easy. Whatever your needs, wherever you want your diversity journey to lead you, I can get you there.

My approach is rooted in my background and skills as an anthropologist; I collect data through diversity audits to pin point the challenge areas and opportunities. Don’t know where to begin? I can, help you map out a work plan, assess in-house DEI expertise, provide a SWOT Analysis, and identify the gaps that may prevent you from achieving your DEI goals. Working to make DEI integral is no joke.

It is not a dashboard, a power point presentation, or a check off list. Getting buy-in to DEI doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process that is ongoing. And anyone who says “I get it” after one workshop or reading a series of articles is fooling you and themselves.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusiveness and Understanding Intersectionality must become part of the institutional CORE Values to succeed. I understand what changes are required in structures, staffing, and leadership to make Diversity, Equity & Inclusion a successful CORE Value in any organization.

I am experienced in writing diversity strategic plans, vision statements, anti-oppression frameworks, policy position papers, training videos, training scripts, and coaching managers and senior executives on how to lead across lines of difference.

Writer & Editor

Keynote Speaker Minnesota – I write to save my life and transform the world, and guide others to unleash the power of their beliefs and values through writing.

I do this as an Award-winning free-lance writer, academic author, a seasoned editor, and as a writing coach.

In 2015, the Black Press of America named me “Best Columnist in the Nation.” I earned Insight News of Minneapolis the 1st Place, Emory O. Jackson National Column Award at the 2015 Annual Convention of the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA). The award is named after Emory O. Jackson, a Civil Rights activist and editor of the Birmingham News from 1941-1975.

My writing encompasses a range of styles: I am a feature story writer, technical writer who translates science for public consumption, speech writer, blogger, tweeter, interviewer, and biographer. I also can write/edit press releases, annual reports, web content, documentation, federal and national grants, etc.

I believe that she who holds the pen welds the power, and my pen is always ready to fight the good fight and speak out about issues such as sexual harassment (hyperlink to Ms. blog on sexual harassment on my blog page), police violence against black men (hyperlink to blog “A Black Mother Weeps”), or how to be a resilient leader (link to blog on the Perils of Leadership).

As a writing coach/editor, I with people to find their voice and gain power through writing. With organizations, I can design a communications strategy, write Annual Reports, edit documents, write speeches, and translate technical writing for a general reading audience.

For Academics or those who work in the nonprofit sector, who want to find their public writing voice, I can work one on one or with a small group to hone your skills and help you translate your research and ideas into powerful op-eds, features, or blogs. It may not get you tenure, but it will keep you sane. I also can show you how to make your academic writing more interesting, turn that dissertation or idea into a book proposal, and provide non-legal interpretations of contracts before you sign your life away.

Other Services:
Leadership Consultant and Guru
Diversity Strategist
Writer and Editor
Executive Coach
Research, Audits & Evaluations
Immigration Asylum Expert Witness

I have an MFA in English, have penned over 60+ newspaper columns, and my poetry has been published in over 16 magazines and anthologies, and also translated into Spanish and Swedish.

A graduate of the OpEd Project, I currently serve as a writer-mentor and a member of the Ms. Magazine Committee of Scholars, whom I helped design their feminist writing workshops for academic scholars.

Executive Coach

Keynote Speaker MinnesotaTime for a change? REInvention Coaching or P.E.R.F.O.R.M Coaching is for you. Let me guide you through a process of self-reflection, questioning, and finding answers that will yield a more resilient life.

I coach individuals on how to be their best selves at work and in their life; through my coaching, we identify those areas in need of improvement, analyze your EI (emotional intelligence); assess your leadership skills; to an audit of your work environment; and the co-create a plan for success with me as your accountability partner. I provide REInvention Coaching (for those who are navigating career and/or life changes); Transformational Leadership (for those who want to learn how to become transformational); and P.E.R.F.O.R.M (specifically for women of color who face unique obstacles in the workplace that stymie their ability to grow professionally and realize their true potential).

Training & Development

  • Sexual Harassment
  • Outplacement Services
  • Curriculum Design